If the time ever came around, I wouldn’t change a thing.

July 2015 changed my life.

I wouldn’t say it was a horrible thing, but it was something I wasn’t sure about at first.

I was young and I had never been alone, but I did it.

I never looked back.

A place I’ve always called home, was not home to me anymore.

A love I thought would never fade…


A KNOWN DISASTER is what I thought!

A disaster is the only thing I could think of.




Everything I knew was over and here I was starting over.

I didn’t complain.

I’ve never had to start over before.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life.

It lead me to this point in my life.

I’m content with how things are and I only want to go forward.

I have yet to go backwards, I promise myself every day that I won’t no matter what.

I have made up my mind about everything.

My story is my story,

Tell yours.

Love yourself.

At your finest.

At your lowest.

Love, Kayonia 🖤

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