Speak life into yourself.

Speak life into your kids.

Speak life into your family.

Speak life into your friends.

Speak life into strangers.

I’m speaking to those of us who are BLACK AND BROWN!

There is a twist.

Even though there is truly life in this chaotic world…

Being one of “US” can be very traumatizing.

Being one of “US” can be so hard.

It can be frustrating.

At times we don’t know what to do, or what to say.

We have to speak things into one another, in the most powerful and wonderful way.

We have to stick together.

We have to help each other.

Love yourself because as you can tell the others don’t love us.

We may find a few good ones out of the bunch, but they won’t ever experience what we have experienced, or what we’re experiencing now.

Take this small message however you want to, but keep faith.

Love yourself.

At your finest.

At your lowest.

-Kayonia 🤎🖤

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