I know you aren’t perfect, but you seem so to me.

These years with you have given me much excitement!

I learn so many things from you.

I’ve learned so many things about you.

You’ve shown me so much love and so much admiration since the first day of speaking.

I’ve decided to look past all of your flaws and accept you for who you are and all that you come with.

… One of the best decisions I’ve yet to make!

I thought you needed that from someone.

There is a lot of things I thought that you needed.

I try to fulfill something almost every day.

There’s nothing better than spending my time with you.

I love our dates.

I love our talks.

I love that you love me.

I love that I love you.

Remind me why I chose you.

You’re a true champion.

We love you baby!

-Fineapple 💛

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