“Make excuses, or make changes. The choice is yours.”

There are different ways that people act with different circumstances.

In this life things will happen to you.

You will have downfalls.

You will have negative thoughts.

You will have self doubts.

Don’t let these things be excuses for why you can’t, OR won’t do something.

As you get older, you will understand that you have to take accountability for the things that you do.


Your actions will fall on you, but they can also fall on the others close to you.

Pay attention to these things.

There will be downfalls, but it takes a mature person to say, “This happened for a reason.”

What is this teaching you?

Is it a common mistake that can be fixed by growth?

Is it an issue that needs to be examined and worked through?

You pick.

Don’t let anything you go through be the reason you can’t, OR won’t do something.

That’s taking the coward way out.

Everything you do can be fixed.

You may not have an idea how off the top of your head, but one will come to you for sure.

Be sure to take care of yourself, mentally…

Stay healthy.

Above all things, physical and emotional matters too!

Love yourself.

Love yourself at your finest.

Love yourself t your lowest.

-Kayonia ❤️💙🖤💚

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