When something weighs on your heart, don’t let it weigh for too long.

Yet, the resolution is on you.

Dealing with certain things takes a different toll on different people.

Some people aren’t strong enough to handle all the emotions others can handle.

Not saying that those people are weak, they just deal with things in a different matter.

Everyone is not going to deal with things the same way.

Please, understand that.

That’s why ALL of us are different.

It’s totally okay to say, “I can’t deal with that.”

People will probably look at you funny, but you are capable of doing something that they can’t.

So it will also work out in your favor.

Prove that in the correct way.

Don’t carry hate in your heart.

Don’t let anything lean on you, if you can’t lean on it.

Love yourself…

At your finest.

Love yourself…

At your lowest.

-Kayonia 🤎🤎🤎

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