I’m still learning…

I’m still trying to figure things out.

I want to figure things out.

I love to learn about new things in this crazy world!

I love to learn things about people.

It amazes me why people do certain things.

The way people react to things such as rape, death, torture, any sort of violence.

In a weird way, these things amuse me.

I’m so into why people do things so much!

I look up cases…

I look up offenses..

I look up people…

It’s such a weird habit.

I’m such a weird person…

These things trigger me.

I always dreamed to work with people into these situations.

Any type of advocate, or position to help.

Mentally, I can only imagine how these situations would make anyone feel.

Find yourself.

Love yourself.

-Kayonia 💛💛💛

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