Don’t ignore the things you should pay attention to.

Even though you feel like those things may mean nothing, they mean something.

I’ve said before that I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason.

That could easily trigger any red flags that are meant for you to notice.

Red flags could be anything.

Someone trying to hurt you.

Someone saying something to you at your job, or at your school.

Your friend starts to act weird toward you all of a sudden.

Someone saying something about your appearance.

It doesn’t have to necessarily be any “bad things” it could just be something that doesn’t sit well with you.

Speak your mind.

Let others know how you feel.

Even though everyone won’t take your feelings into consideration.

Somebody will hear you out.

Keep these things in mind.

Make sure you make the right choice behind these wrong things.

Emotions could definitely come in between any of these things.

Make sure you can handle what comes with your actions, or reactions.

Remember to love yourself through it all.

At your finest.

At your lowest.

-Kayonia 🤍

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