Succeed when YOU want to succeed.

Do things on YOUR own time.

Don’t let anyone rush you, or tell you how slow your process is going.

When you are ready, you will be ready.

People will say, “You need to hurry up and do this before time runs out.”

Just because THEIR time ran out, doesn’t mean YOURS will.

Please mind your business.

Fuck them…

Because when it’s all said and done, they don’t even offer to help you with anything.

Their inputs are shit and not wanted at all…

Tell them that!

Tell people to stay out of your way.

It’s so easy to be all in someone else’s face.

Learn how to stay back.

People will try to criticize you in all of the wrong ways.

No one wants to give you “constructive criticism.”

Take it how it is though.

You can learn a lot from that alone.

Don’t give up.

Remember the reason you came so far in the first place.

Love yourself at your finest.

Love yourself at your lowest.

-Kayonia 💙💙💙

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