It’s safe to say that I do what I want to.

I always have, but I know what’s good for me.

In a world full of chaos, I still find time to be the beautiful person I am.

Inside and out.

I strive to not be bothered.

It definitely works out in my favor.

I leave people alone and I stay to myself.

People always bother me though…

For something!!!

It’s okay, because I know how to ignore stuff. I don’t want any dealings with.

I enjoy my time here, dearly.

I choose my peace.

I live my peace.

Call me foolish, but I deserve peace and I will get what I want.

No matter what no one says.

Keep your sanity in this crazy world.

I don’t care.

You will drive yourself crazy trying to prove things to other people.

Don’t worry about what anyone says.

That’s the issue with people today.

They need and want attention.

Sad beginning…

Sad ending…

Live for yourself.

Live with yourself…

You will see what life is made of.

Being by yourself will teach you things that you didn’t know before.

It’s okay to be alone, you get to think more…

You get to think clear…

-Kayonia 💙💙💙

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