A lot of people say things to me and about me that aren’t true.

I don’t necessarily care for it.

Never really been the type to let anything, or anyone bother me.

I never been the type to let nobody peer pressure me either.

In one instance though, I had a “friend” try to me play me like I’m a bald head bitch, or something.

I had this one home girl I was cool with that I didn’t really hang out with like that.

I need my space.

(No issues, I just never been an every day type of person, which everyone knows).

She would defend me in my absence.

She was super loyal to me, as I was to her.

She told me some things about this “friend” of mine and I believed her because at this point I saw every red flag there was to see.

I never forced myself in the friendship.

I never forced myself out of the friendship.

I only did what I knew how, be vocal about my feelings.


Very soon after…

We stopped being cool.

Had nothing to do with what my homegirl had told me.

Me and the girl I was telling you about have always been super close, even with the distance.

I saw loyalty in her.

I knew I could give that back to her.

The decisions I made in my past were piss poor.

BUT I had people there for me who never made me doubt them.

Until this day, those people are still around.

Note to self: Fuck what everybody else does, or says… Be yourself!

-Kayonia ♥️

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