Time does not heal all wounds.

It simply hides them.

Has something tragic ever happen to you and when the years passed, it still feels fresh?

It doesn’t really hit you at first.

I mean you’re probably still denying it…

How do you feel when you see, or hear something that reminds you of what happened?

How do you react?

Who do you talk to?

Do you think about it often?

I’m a firm believer that time does not heal wounds.

However, I am a firm believer of “Everything will be okay.”

I personally, know how it feels to see a tragedy happen with my own two eyes.

Time heals nothing.

You just get to drag the situation out.

Nothing changes.

Days get longer.

Nights get colder.

BUT in the end, life continues…

It may not get better.

It probably won’t ever get better.

Learn a lesson.

Don’t use this as an excuse.

Love yourself.

Prove yourself.

-Kayonia 💜💜💜

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