How do you feel about feedback?

Constructive criticism…

Whatever you want to call it.

When you build something, or make something, do you want someone to tell you what you did wrong and what you did correct?

Do you mind them telling you what could be better?

I know everyone isn’t the same.

For me, personally…

I love it.

I make my own lip care products.

I’ve given away samples and I’ve sold items off top.

I also try EVERY product I make.

I know what I like.

Before I make these products though, I ask people who are close to me what they would like and how they would like it.

It means a lot to me because I know that these people are going to shop with me.

I was never worried about what anyone would say because if everyone doesn’t know lip care is my thing.

I do it for me, but I also want everyone to enjoy what I have to give.

It’s the greatest thing I’ve done for myself.

When it comes from a good place it’s all worth it to listen to.

I also have my own blog, as you can see..

I sometimes mess up with spelling…

At times I don’t go back and proof read…

I started back when I was in college…

I would stay up for countless hours typing up rough draft blogs, reading through textbooks and doing homework at the same time.

I would also fall asleep in the middle of it all.

I may get asked to do something while I’m typing.

We all make mistakes.

If you ever see an error let me know, so I can change it.

I won’t take it to heart..

It comes from love.

Let it be genuine and pure.

If it was me, anyone could tell you I always tell someone when they mess up.

If you know me personally I’m always on the job.

I don’t ever belittle people.

I try to help.

Everyone may not take my help, but I tried and I know that on my part.

Take care of yourself.

Love yourself.

Treat yourself.

-Kayonia ❤️💜

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