No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share an umbrella and survive the storm together.

Have you ever been so in love that your person couldn’t do any wrong?

It is not wrong to be that way.

At all…

You just have to understand that everything isn’t perfect…

And will never be.

Try to understand one another.

It’s only fair if you guys are going to be together.

Take the time out to get to know this person.

Figure out if you actually want to be this person, or not.

After time people will show you their true colors.

You guys have forever to go.

If you really want to be together, make it last.

I feel as though nothing last forever, but everyone is different.

Love is love.

Love is also blind in ways.

Survive together if you really want it.

Make sure you can survive the storm by yourself.

Love yourself first and always.

-Kayonia ❤️💙💚🖤

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