You are never too old.

I don’t know if you needed that, or if you didn’t…

Don’t matter.

Age means nothing when you’re trying to get shit done.

You can achieve anything you want.

At any age you want.

Unless you’re literally incapable.

Don’t let anyone kill your dreams.

Matter of fact, don’t tell anyone your dreams.

They probably don’t have any of their own.

People are low key hating ass bitches.

It’s okay.

Let them do them.

That’s their own problem.

It has nothing to do with you.

Protect your peace.

Sprinkle some on people if you have to.

You have the ability to be your best self.

You will not achieve that if you listen to these miserable ass people out here.

Listen to yourself.

Progress on your own.

Be open to love and motivation.

There is someone out there who loves you, or cares about you enough to let you be you.

Protect those people.

-Kayonia 💚💚💚

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