Love yourself a lotta bit.

Love others a little bit.

I don’t know how many times I got to tell y’all.

It’s a whole world out here.

Balance it out.

Don’t let nobody fuck you over.

Stay on your job.

Don’t let anything tear you down.

Don’t let anyone affect your peace!

These miserable ass people will try you.

Misery loves company much?

Make sure you take care of yourself out here.

There is enough happiness to go around.

Everyone doesn’t think like that though.

Be easy on yourself.

-Kayonia 💛💛💛

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  1. Listen & heed, people!

    Out other people’s “needs” above My Own, thought it was NURTURING

    Learned the Hard Way – it wasn’t “NURTURING” for me!

    “Love yourself a lotta bit.”

    is not Selfish!

    “Love others a little bit.”

    is not cruel!

    Had, I put myself first (which is hard for women & parents) – I wouldn’t be living like a hobo now because I never would have thought in a Million Years that the love & life I have would have been for naught – yet

    We “live & learn,” so learn or you may find yourself living out of tubs!!!!


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