Wait for the person who will do anything to be your everything.

When it comes to finding a partner, no one wants to wait.

What’s your definition of the perfect partner? Or do you think it’s a such thing?


I knew nothing would be perfect.

I just wanted someone who was perfect for me.

I wasn’t ready for a “serious” relationship until I was like 21.

I finally figured out what I wanted.

In younger ages, everyone wants to have their cake and they want to eat it too.

I thought I would get lucky and find someone that I could be with for years, you know high school sweethearts type stuff…

You know when everybody is like, “Dang they still together.”

I didn’t get that lucky.

I got even luckier.

You just run through relationships, or situations until you finally come across the person you think is a great fit for you.

What if you found that person already and didn’t even know?

Ever heard of right person, wrong time?

The feeling is mutual.

No one is perfect by far, but find someone you can grow with.

Find someone who will do the same for you.

Find someone who fits you… For you!

Waiting might not be a bad thing.

Good things comes to those who wait.


-Kayonia ❤️

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