Don’t ever feel guilty for doing what’s best for you.

I mean never ever…

Because in the end, it will only be you.

I know I’m always saying that I’m big on self love, but self love is really what gets me through life.

I love myself and want so much for myself that I really don’t care who it hurts…

To a certain extent.

I can literally count on a hand full of people to be there for me, mentally…

Like I am there for them.

I swear no one who is close to me can say that I’ve ever done them wrong.

I may talk a little shit and get an attitude because things don’t go my way, but that my friend, will never sway away from me.

If you are loyal to me, I am loyal to you.

If you are not loyal to me, yo ass can kick rocks on the other side of town because I don’t want it.

I care about me more.

People will come into your life just to ruin it.

That shows that some don’t have self love.

Your self love will show.

Others will see it.

BUT the question is…

Do you see it within yourself?

-Kayonia ❤️

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