Nobody is worth losing yourself for.

Please put yourself first. I don’t care what you go through in life, never put someone before yourself.

If you lose yourself, who will you have to run to?

You can tell someone that you ain’t good, and it won’t be shit that they can do.

You have to work on yourself first, that’s where that “self love” comes from. Be big in life, stay big in life.

Even if no one believes in you, believe in yourself.

Don’t care what nobody says.

I’m telling you, it’s not worth it at all.

Don’t live for other people.

Live for yourself, because they will always want to celebrate with you, but no one will want to take losses with you.

No one will want to take a loss behind you.

They aren’t real.

You may come across some solid individuals, keep them. You will know.

Hope you have an awesome day.

-Kayonia 🤎

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