I barely know people personally who has, or had a daily blog like myself.

I do however, know people who run their own cosmetics business though.

Makeup isn’t my thing, but I LOVE lip care and skin care.

Lipgloss and lip scrub my favorites.

I have my own lipgloss line, and I can remember some people telling me that a lot of people do this, so I won’t get anywhere with it.

Then I have people who tried my product and say, even though other people do this same exact thing they like my products more than the others.

That’s what I appreciate the most.

I make my product for other people’s liking.

I ask people what they like.

People’s feedback is what is important to me.

Tell me what you don’t like.

Tell me what you like.

Tell me what I could do different.

I’m always down to listen.

Anything I set my mind to, I can achieve.

I have stepped out on faith and done things that no one has ever wanted to do, but the thing is it’s not something that I wanted to continue to do.

I just wanted it under my belt, so I can be able to fall back on it.

I love to do different things in life.

Different opportunities come with everything I do.

-Kayonia 💜

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