Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.

I’ve always been a “small things” person, because I know that doing small things for someone can go a long way.

It goes a long way with me.

In a way it shows so much love, with no words needed.

Not even an “I love you.”

I remember when I was going through a rough time in my life, I had someone comfort me in a way that I wanted so much and I didn’t even have to say anything.

The gesture was so small, but I couldn’t help but love it and appreciate it like it was the last gift on Earth.

I’m truly one of a kind.

The way I think of it, someone will always find it in their heart to appreciate something even if it costs nothing.

I am that someone.

Pick me a flower off of a tree, it’ll make me smile like you just invested in me.

I have a pure heart.

My soul is made of love.

Every chance I get, I transform myself into more of a wonderful person, so I am able to love myself even on my worst days.

You can’t appreciate someone, or something if you don’t appreciate yourself.

It’s the same with love.

As I always say, you come first.

Let that “small thing” be BIG love!

You’ll definitely know where your strength lies.

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