We often learn too late, that we spent TOO much time worrying about the things that mattered least.

I used to struggle a lot with my own thoughts of how other people would treat me, because of what I’ve been through with the people who have always been close to me.

That’s what I have spent too much time worrying about… That mattered least.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been observant.

When I get to know someone, I start to piece them together.

People eventually show them true self.

People would say things about me, even my own family.

It didn’t take me long to get out of the mindset of caring what people think about me though.

I got older and started doing what was best for me!

No matter who it hurt.

When I was a little younger, I knew what I wanted for myself…

So I changed.

I sat and cleared my conscious.

I told myself how I would live and how things will be in my life.

Everything won’t be perfect, but I’m sure it would be worth it.

It feels good to be in a great space!

Glad I chose the route I’ve decided to take.

Do the same!

Make your own route.

Much love.

-Kayonia ❤️

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