Every now and then I thank my followers for reading…

If everyone doesn’t know writing is honestly one of my passions.

I enjoy motivation.

I enjoy giving motivation.

I enjoy receiving motivation.

BUT today, I honestly want to thank everyone who is reading from out of the country!

This is so much progress from where I started.

These past couple of months I’ve been having people from out of the country reading my blogs, from Canada all the way to Australia.

At first, I was happy, but I didn’t know how far it would take me.

I started out with one other country, which made me almost cry because I was so proud of myself.

I didn’t know my full potential yet when it came to my writing.

Everyone who is reading make sure that you love yourself! FIRST!

Thats my motto!

I want everyone who supports me to stick to it!

Men, women, young girls, young boys…

I want to thank you again for supporting me, even though I’m pretty sure I don’t know any of you.

I just want to let y’all know I’m very appreciative!

-Kayonia ❤️💙💜

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