Most times, regrets are things we didn’t do, not things that we did…

I have always wondered where I would be if I did the things that I didn’t do, or didn’t want to do..

I question myself, like what if you did that instead of going another route?

It’s always different when you go through different things and get the different outcomes.

You finally get to see your true self.

You are one!

You come as one!

You leave as one!

Be with yourself.

Get to know yourself.

Get out and explore yourself, you won’t regret it.

Aim to reach your full potential.

You can get there from where you are, it isn’t impossible.

Work hard, dedicate yourself, teach yourself and others!

Be nice, be gentle, show your true worth.

Never let something you didn’t do be the reason you don’t do something new.

Love yourself with the possibility of loving your WHOLE self.

Don’t settle.

Hope you have been having a great week so far!

-Kayonia 💚

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