In this life, do not accept, “This is just how I am.”

With a new day ahead of you comes new battles and also new ways to defeat them!

As you guys know I strive to do better with my life.

I used to be the main one saying, “This is just how I am.”

Now that I look back on it, it was so toxic for me to say, but I lived my life and I don’t regret anything.

Sometimes I am so glad that some of the people in my life decided to get away from me, for my sake and for theirs.

As I grew, it was what was best for me.

As they grew, it might have been the best for them.

People can “act” one way and another way in the same sense.

If someone does not benefit you, but they’re a liability, let them go!

It’s really for the good.

Growing up, I wish someone would have told me the things I’m willing to put out today.

I had no one to motivate me as a young one, today that exact reason has me so comfortable with wanting to help young people and even people my age and older.

Knowledge has no age limit.

Determine has no age limit.

Hard work has no age limit.

Take your time.


Take a deep breath.

Get to know yourself.

Let yourself go, not literally.

Be the best you can be.

-Kayonia 💙

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