Have you ever had someone be mad at you for something they did? Lol, sorry I had to laugh, that was kind of personal.

I never understood how someone could just sit there and not take responsibility for something they did, or something they said.

Then blame you and be all mad.

Now, I know I’m not perfect by any means, but I always confess to my foul movements and take accountability for what I’ve done.

I feel as though I don’t owe anyone in this world anything.

Although there are two things that I give no matter what…

Honesty, no matter how I feel.

Or, I simply ignore, because that’s what I do best and I know what I’m capable of.


Because I do whatever I want to make myself happy.

It’s not about everyone else anymore, which it has always been.

If I decide to move forward, my truth has to be accepted.

Or, the person I’m ignoring must leave me alone.

I’m not gone sit here and act as though I’ve never done anything wrong, but I feel like I don’t do anything to anyone for people to treat me the way they do.

I mostly leave people alone.

People bother me, and I ignore them… On purpose!

The point is, I want from a lot of people to leave me alone…

While I move on in silence.

I like silence and privacy.

Nothing more, nothing less.

-Kayonia đź–¤

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