“It’s never too late to realize what you want in your life, and it’s never wrong to fight for it.”


In all my years of living, I never knew my purpose…

I never knew why I was here…

I never knew how I could help people, or even WHO I would help if I had the chance…

Who would listen to me?

I thought to myself way too many times…

I finally found myself!

I am a young woman.

Brown skin.

Brown eyes.

Long hair.

Many features, but I am one who has yet to fully mature and grow.

I am a young woman is who is transitioning into her own unique self.

My purpose is to help women like me!

Women who are transitioning into a more beautiful person and I do not mean “beautiful” as in looks.

Personally, I always find time to help.

I could just be someone’s shoulder to cry on, or someone’s listening ear.

This is me! Kayonia.

This is only one purpose that I serve.

I will find more of my purposes down the line.

For anyone who reads my blog, just know that there is help!

Someone is willing to listen.

I hope you take the time to care for yourself, and tend to your mental health.


It’s never too late to realize what you want in life.

I love you.

-Kayonia 💙

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