Aye man, I don’t know how to say this other than to just say it, but I have major trust issues lol.

This shit is just beyond me now.

I don’t think anyone has the motive, or intent to do right by me.

Hell, I don’t believe nobody does right by me.

It’s like the things that people do to me makes me question myself, because what did I ever do to you for you to fuck with me like this?

Then again, I don’t have to do shit to anybody.

People in this world are so malicious, cold hearted, just so damn ignorant.

I believe in people and that alone shows me why I shouldn’t.

I’m cut from a different cloth.

I have met others that are like me, so I know everyone isn’t like that.

I just been having the best days of my life if anyone was wondering.

I hope every one of you guys has a great weekend! Stay safe!

Kayonia 💛

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