Excuse me, while I vent just a little…

As nice as I may seem, I don’t care about shit.

I don’t care about what nobody talking about, or what nobody is doing.

If it doesn’t benefit me, I don’t take the time to care. I got my own life to live!

If you know me, you know that I mind my business, faithfully… Always have and always will!

If it don’t put food in my stomach, if it don’t keep a roof over me and my people head, if it don’t pay me, or sign any check, I couldn’t care less.

Nobody in this world does for me like I do for myself and that’s just that on that.

No one knows me like I know me.

People always bring me in the mix. They see me minding my business and just want to mess with me, yet I still let it be.

Everyone asks me how I’m so good at ignoring things and letting things go…

It’s because I know my place and once you learn yours, you gone be on the same shit I’m on!

What is it gone do for me?

How much is it paying?

What are the benefits? Retirement plan? 401k? Health insurance? Life insurance?

Exactly… That ain’t got shit to do with me. Not a naan bit!

Let me continue to run my business and mind my own.

I don’t need it.

I don’t want it.

It’s basura!

Basura caliente!

Thanks in advance.

Love Kayonia 🖤

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