Whatever you do, do not turn into the person who hurt you!

I know I’ve said this before, but today that hit pretty personal.

I’ve had people in my lifetime mistreat me, lie to me, disrespect me, hurt me in all kind of ways.

People that I thought was all for me and would never do me like that.

I took that as a lesson. I forgave them and gave myself some time to think.

I never knew how to deal with hurt and emotions other than to turn the other cheek and go about my day.

I’ve never been the kind of person to want revenge. What happened, happened, but I bet it won’t happen again…

What would I gain if I hurt someone who hurt me? More hurt?

If I didn’t want them to hurt me, why would I turn around and do to someone something that I didn’t want done to me?

I deal with emotions differently.

I don’t let anger consume me… Will never!

In fact, I don’t let anything consume me.

I had to teach myself how to control myself, self control is very much SELF taught.

In this world, I want to deal with things a certain way and I WILL stand by that.

I like what I like.

I will not let anyone in this world knock me off of my pedal stool, or hurt me anymore.

That’s just the way it’s gone be.

Kayonia 🖤

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