Don’t worry about them.

You did as much as you could.

If they don’t want to listen, then don’t bother.

It will only hurt you in the long run.


No matter their position, no matter your position.

Take it from me.

I am a prime example.

If you didn’t know, I will soon be working in the criminal justice field.

I started out wanting to be a parole/probation officer, my decisions soon swayed.

When I started my college career my instructors would always tell me that no matter what work I wanted to do in the field, it will allow me to help others…

BUT only some will accept your help, the others will deny it and/or ignore it.

You will just have to get over the fact that you cannot and will not be able to help everyone.

That’s just like trying to get an alcoholic to stop drinking, or trying to get a drug addict to stop using drugs.

When I was told that I couldn’t help everyone, it hurt my feelings because I’ve always been one to try and help. I had to tell myself, “This is real life!”

I started to apply it to my personal life soon after.

It’s hard, but if you want to take a risk to help someone, you will have to deal with some good and some bad.

That is just the way of life.

I’m hoping someone out there will read this and take my advice.

Hope you guys had a great week, because I did!

Love, Kayonia 🧡

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