Don’t be the same person who hurt you.

I see a lot of people not moving forward in life because of what went on in their past.

Your past does not define you UNLESS you still choose to live in it.

I had a person come into my life and try to control me.

I knew from jump that I didn’t want to be in that situation.

I stayed for a little while (Tryna be nice)… To see how the situation would play out because I thought I could actually help this person fix it.

It slowly, BUT surely rubbed off on me in a way.

Then I thought to myself… What’s stopping me from leaving? I don’t deserve this and I’m not dealing with it.

I say that to say this, that shit didn’t last long. I was outta there! I had to let that shit go.

It drained me. It took all the great energy I had and it gave me dry ass, negative and NON entertaining vibes.

I chose to move on. I did just that.

No explanation…

No words at all…

Just actions.

I was gone and I wasn’t coming back for nothing.

No words, or actions could take me back because I knew nothing would change.

I would just be in a fucked up situation all over again.

I refuse to anything that ain’t for me… Consume me. AND that’s that!

Kayo 💜

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