From the first day…

I knew…

It was something about me.

Something that wasn’t right.

You know how you have those feelings for the moment? Only because that’s what you feel for the moment.

You know how you see things, go through things and think that those things are normal?

I didn’t care, you didn’t care. You and I were both temporary and we knew that.

I knew that I would eventually hate you one day.

But little did I know you would eventually hate me also.

LMAO! I’m an asshole, so yeah… I did what I did, on purpose.

One day you will run into this and read it, hopefully sooner than later.

I want to apologize… For all the things that I put up with knowing I deserved better.

I also want to tell you that I’m happy you’re going through hell in your life (Ask me how I know) HA!

I’m an asshole. Aren’t I?

Yayo 💜

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