They can say whatever they want about you, but I would never switch up.

You put the best in best friend.

I love you until this world blows!

No matter where life takes us, I hope that I can fulfill all of your needs and give you the most loving life that I feel you deserve…

I feel like I need you. You keep me sane and you keep me calm.

You make everything worth it.

I love the hugs and the kisses you give, the love you give, the attitude you have with me, your gentleness, the way you speak to me even when I’m being a brat, the way you handle me and all the advice and the motivational talks.

I know I always express myself through my writing, but I do express myself in private also. Though my feelings sometimes change, being able to express myself physically, verbally, emotionally, and spiritually makes me comfortable in a sense where I can give you all I got.

Thank you for everything Stink.

Love Kbby ❤️

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