I live for my own reasons.

Most of my reasons are my nieces and nephews.

Everyone knows that I don’t have kids, BUT my brothers do.

I wasn’t used to kids at first, but now it’s so easier that I’ve had tons of experience.

I’ve been an auntie for 17 years now.

A little bittersweet, but the lives of all my babies is what matters to me!

I made a promise to myself that no matter what happens with my brothers, or my nieces and nephews moms, they would ALL know who I am.

I’ve watched them grow, crawl, walk and start to talk.

I can’t wait to see them finish school and grow more!

As easy as it sounds, it’s actually somewhat difficult. WORTH IT though.

They all have different personalities. I have to work with that!

And they all have different relationships with me.

I get to show them different versions of me.

I teach myself how to be their go to!

I love all of my babies.

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

I love you.

-Kayonia 💜

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