I never knew I would feel like this.

I’m still so sad.

And it’s really fucked up.

It’s been a little over two years since you left us. As the days go by, I miss you more and more. Everyone does.

I just want you to come back.

There’s so much sadness that I don’t want.

Sadness that I didn’t want from the beginning.

It would be so different if you just didn’t die.

I didn’t know the day would come so soon, but it did.

I miss coming into your hospital room and seeing you up! Eating, joking, smiling…

I would mess with you just to see you smile, just to hear you talk.

I miss your sweet voice and your perfect face.

Some days I would walk in and you would be so sleep.

I would kiss you on your forehead and just sit by your side.

The doctors had you on so many drugs, so that you would feel better. But you didn’t feel better, it hurt so much.

I just knew in the end you would feel better Kaleia.

I just knew you would get to go home with us. I just knew it.

I wanted it to be over with. I really did, but now this way.

If only you knew how many times we huddled around you as one and cried.

How many times we talked to you and even though you were so unresponsive, you responded.

I love you. I miss you. Always.

Katie. 💓

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