As long as you have it and you say yes, they love you and fuck with you.

The moment you don’t have it, or you say no, they get mad and start to hate you.

Have you ever wondered why? *Ask yourself*

It’s like I do all of this for you, but the one time I can’t do something, it all falls on me. Aw okay, like wow! (I say, “Like” a lot, obviously).

That person usually does nothing for you. Am I right?

Do you ever ask yourself why is it like that? With a specific person… It could be family, a friend, even your spouse.

It just makes you think and as bad as you want to do it in return, your heart won’t even let you.

Do yourself a favor, get rid of that toxic person. Don’t even return the favor, ignore them and let them see what its like to be without you.

Hope you guys are having a good week.

I love you all!

-Kayonia 💜

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