No matter how long it takes you to get there, keep going! Don’t ever get comfortable and don’t ever stop.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re doing anything wrong, but listen if you want it.

This is your life. These are your choices. These are your consequences. This is your everything.

No matter what age you started, no matter what age you finish. No matter where you land, make the best out of it. Make the best out of everything you choose to do.

Find a goal, or find several goals that you want in life and turn them into achievements.

Write them down and when you achieve one, cross them off. If you want, do them more than once. Write yourself notes. Keep yourself level headed.

Don’t let anybody tell you about shit… Not about how fast you’re going, about how slow you’re starting, the work you’re doing, the things you’re selling, the people working for you, even if you have no one working for you.


You are going to have to figure things out by yourself. It is okay to listen to others and take advice, but if that person/people do nothing for you or want the best for you and your life, leave them with their own.

Show yourself the most love, it’s you against the world.

Be easy. I love you!

-Kayo 💜

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