There is no way that I let you steal my joy the way you did. THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY! You had me for a little while though. The rude comments, the selfish acts, all the hurtful moments… Only because I didn’t give you what you wanted.

I’m glad you got a taste of your own medicine. It feels great, doesn’t it? HAHA! You’ll never live life in peace and it’s not even because of me.

Every time I would look at you after that, I just thought you were a worthless piece of shit. As many times as I wanted to say it, I never did. I didn’t want to make you feel the same way you made me feel, but I knew one day you would feel me.

The most fun I ever had, was playing with your head after you thought that I forgot what you did to me! It’s all good though. Everything I did after that was out of spite. It was pure evil. It was intentional. I loved every minute of it.

I stopped coming around. You were emotional, I seen it in your eyes. All the good times WE spent together, you had to spend with someone you didn’t even like. Every time I didn’t answer the phone, you would call someone who knew how to get in touch with me. It still didn’t work, did it? I was treating you the same way and you couldn’t stand it.

The best thing I ever did was leave you alone. It made me better and it made me accept less. I hope you learned a lesson. SYIH!

-Kayo 💜

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