The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were my girl for life. When I would feed you, I would feel so close to you. I always say I don’t have favorites when it comes to my brothers kids, but you are literally my little heart filled, living destiny.

Everyone says that you’re my twin. Even though you’re my brothers kid, I see a lot of my features in you and everyone says that you remind them of me, especially because of the way you act and how blunt you are.

After your sister was born I figured she would be the first and the last, but when I found out that your mom was pregnant again, I SCREAMED IN JOY! I was super excited for another baby. I wanted you to be a boy, but you were a girl. Either way I was super happy because I love your mom and I’m so glad that I finally had a woman I could be close with!

As long as I was there with you and your sister, I was perfectly fine. It brought so much joy to me. The happiness I had was unexplainable. I would hold you and your sister, feed you and your sister and spoil you and your sister, you guys were so close in age. Best time in life though! I always knew I would be the best TT.

Then your mom was pregnant again, with your brother and when I tell you I was happier than ever for real! I was. It was like the more kids, the more happier I got. When she had Z, I got a run for my money. I stayed close to all of you because there wasn’t a moment that I wanted to miss. Some days I was there and some days I wasn’t, but I made sure that y’all knew me and that y’all would for the rest of the time.

Keep growing and making everyone happy! I love your achievements and the things you do. I love you even when you’re acting moody. Stay cute little baby! I love you so much.

-Your TT 💙

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