You cried for me. You felt like nobody understood you except me. No one came through for you like I did, didn’t even check up on you to see if you were good. You were so mad, but yet so emotional. You thanked me all the time.

I was the first person you came to, the first person you called. No matter what the outcome was I was still there for you. I was so disappointed at the mistakes you made, but there was nothing that I could tell you.

I still decided to stick with you through everything, because real friends don’t leave. The arguments and the fights made me look at you in a different way. How could you try to come after me when all I did was help?

We were supposed friends for life, but you see what happened. I haven’t talked to you in awhile, but I know you read my stuff, so I know you will see this. I can’t take back anything we went through, and even though I’ll never speak to you again, I’m glad you’re doing better.

-Kayo 💙

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