Today is about getting attention from people you don’t care about.

… I mean at what point in your life do you say, “I need to leave this person alone because they’re obviously not worried about me?”

I still want to wake up every day and worry about them like its my job… TRY to ruin their life in some way. How much do y’all get paid? Because I want to know damnit!!!

I was having a conversation with a close homegirl of mine and we we’re talking about how people will keep you in the mix when you don’t even want to be in it at all. That made me think of a situation that happened to me almost a year ago where I had a girl who I thought I was cool with talk about me like I was just the worse person ever, just to later admit that she did it out of spite because I had something she wanted. She was jealous of me and I still didn’t understand it at all. Her and I no longer speak, but I will never say bad things about her, even out of spite of what she said about me. I will not reverse that energy.

It just made me wonder why people are jealous of me? It makes me think about what I have that others don’t, and sometimes I can’t even think of shit because I don’t have it made like some think that I do. I could literally have nothing and someone would still find a reason to not like me, but that’s just the life that I live. Might as well get used to it.

Somewhere out there is a person who will never get over the fact that they can’t be like you and never will be like you. Keep it cute! Smile! Arrive with pure intentions and shit on they a$$ (Even though they’ll still hate you).

I hope everyone has been having a good weekend. I love you!

-Kayo 💛

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