As an adult there are certain things you have to look over, certain things you have to overcome and people you have to let go. At what point in your life do you stop doing childish things, in serious matters? Do you ever tell yourself that enough is enough?

I’m one of those people who doesn’t take things THAT serious. I’m still young, I’m still learning. I love to joke around, but I’m bout my shit when serious matters come around. I take care of business and mind my own.

When I turned 20, I started to feel like that adult who started to look over things. I moved to a new state and it was easy to start fresh, so I did… I started school and made things for myself that I could keep for the long run. I like my privacy, but I was open enough to share things with you guys that I wouldn’t have in the past.

It became my very own safe place.

I love you! I hope you had a good day.

-Kayo 💙

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