Would You?

In light of everything that is going on in your life right now, be happy and thankful. Someone out there is going through something more horrific than you ever will go through. I’m not saying that to make it seem like what you’re going through is nothing, but be thankful that you aren’t being booked, mourned, or buried. Keep your faith and your sanity, those are two things in life that will save you from going crazy in this cruel world. Don’t take a step off of the path that you are taking, or you will fall too deep. Go ahead! Stay ahead!

I recently watched this video that had me in tears, some of the scenarios were something I never wanted to be in and others were scenarios that I seen family, friends and even strangers go through. I will put the video below. This video really opened my eyes in a lot of ways. I seen this lady by the name of Dana on Instagram, I love the way she speaks and the way she thinks. I also love the way she lets people explain themselves without interruption or judgements. Its what I aspire to be like.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Watch this video for me please!

Kayonia ❤️

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