“If you can’t say it out loud, write it down. Even if you can say it out loud, still write it down.”

I find peace in my writing. It’s like a safe place for me. Writing is something that I started when I was just a young kid.

Every day for the first period of school, me and my classmates would have to free write every morning in our provided notebooks. I soon fell in love with writing. Also, the school I attended was a foreign language school, so later on I became fluent in Spanish, reading AND writing! That was a bonus for me!

My notebooks were filled every year. I kept some, others got lost. Some were written in plain English. Some were written in plain Spanish, but most of them were combined, because I had just learned Spanish.

I heal from writing. At times I have nothing to say, so I open my notebooks and just write that. I’m really proud of myself going forward with this blog because I’ve given content pretty much every day to my readers. I have to yet to fail myself in promises made.

A question for you though. I told you what it was that I find peace in… What is it that you find peace in? Leave it in the comments. Say it to yourself. Say it to others, doesn’t matter, get it out.

I love you. Thank you for reading!

Kayo 💜

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