Don’t let fear and regret live your life for you. If someone told you that you couldn’t, or can’t do something, show them that you can AND you will! Don’t be afraid, because I know you would rather take a risk than to regret not ever doing something just because someone told you that you couldn’t. Have MORE heart. Be more BOLD. Live YOUR life. If you do what everyone else says, you will not be happy and that’s just a heads up!

Instead of being sad about what someone says, just be super happy, especially if they gain nothing from it. Smile! Be nice in return! It will make you feel so much better. Don’t be scared. Apart of being successful is to fail. Do what YOU want to do. If it was easy, don’t you think everyone would be doing it?

Stay true to yourself, if and when you do fail try five times harder. If you fail again, try six times harder until you get where you want to be. Then after that, go above and beyond. Love yourself and trust yourself every step of the way, not just when you win the race.

I love you. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. šŸ§”

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