No one understands you until you’re sitting there going the fuck off on everybody. People will push you to a point where you get so angry, you start to stutter and black out while you try to talk. People you love will do shit to you until you hate them, and the motherfuckers you already hate are getting even further on your shit-list. You ask them, why? What did I do to deserve that? What did I do wrong? And they sit there and act like nothing ever happened. One day there will be no point of return. I think that day is coming soon because I’m sick of this shit.

Sometimes I feel like there isn’t one person on this Earth who stops and thinks before they do something to hurt me. Have you ever told yourself before hand that you shouldn’t do something? How many of us did it anyway? Thinking the outcome would just be perfect and there would be no consequences … Exactly! And I am not excluding myself, but I can honestly say I haven’t hurt anyone in a long time because I now know my place. I went through a phase in my life where I started to forgive everybody in my head. Whatever you did, I forgave you. Whatever you said, I forgave you. But I will never forget.

I had no reason to use my anger as an excuse to hurt people after they had already hurt me. I just didn’t let them hurt me anymore. I gave people one chance to fuck up with me, if it goes left and I find out you’re not as solid as I thought you were, that’s on you. NOT ON ME! I forgive, but I never forget. I’m stating that AGAIN, in case anyone missed it the first time. And I will never let the same person continue to do the same things to me without sticking up for myself. There comes a time in your life where you have to stop accepting people’s sob ass stories and taking there whack ass “That’s just how I am.” Well, that’s just how you are over there with them, not over here with me.

This was just my rant for today.

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  1. “How people treat you is their Karma, how you respond is yours.” Wayne Dryer

    Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself & not forgetting an injury means you’re still holding on to it – so when you’re ready to “forgive” you will also have to be big enough to forget a transgression.

    Basically you can’t forgive until you can Forgive (best cha thought, I was gonna say “forget!” 😉

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