to Whom it May Concern

Not too long after you guys exchanged numbers, you texted her and asked her a question that she would never forget. That entire moment changed her life. You guys would stay up late talking to each other, you would come over and hang out with her, she would do the same in vice versa. You guys would go on dates and talk, it was always an amazing time whenever she was with you.

When she first met you, she thought you were different. It was the way you looked at her, your eyes would get bigger and they would glisten every time. You listened to her when no one else would. The way you held her was the best feeling she thought she ever felt. Whenever y’all would watch funny television shows, she would peek at you from the corner of her eye just to see you smile and laugh. It was what made her happy. When you guys were around each other, nothing and no one else mattered.

A year later, she found herself being in a relationship with you, everything after that changed. You guys started to fight and argue every day. She would cry and tell you to leave, hoping you didn’t come back. She thought she would never get away from you. The love that she once found was now something she thought she didn’t want anymore. It went from you trying to comfort her after all the disagreements, to you leaving after the arguments… Or after you hit her, I should say… She would never forget the first time and neither would I.

It was the first time she ever crawled in a corner and cried until she couldn’t cry anymore. She didn’t tell anyone what happened because she knew they would judge her for staying with you. I was the only one that didn’t judge her. She thought you would never do it again, but it continued. One day I told her that you wouldn’t stop and if she stayed, she would die, but she insisted.

She really thought you changed for her. She thought that she helped you become a better person because you didn’t hit her for the time being. I told her it was only apart of your plans, but she didn’t listen. The only reason you didn’t hit her was to earn back her trust, so that you could do it all over again. Isn’t that what abusers do?

Six months later she found herself in the same situation, only this time she was 18 weeks pregnant and you didn’t even know. It was the moment she seen blood leaking from her legs that she realized everything she was going through was real and it was actually happening. Today, your child would have been 4, but due to your horrible decisions you lost a lover, a friend and a child. How does that make you feel?

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