Part 2: Of Forever

Fast forward to September 7th, I woke up with the biggest hangover and a daily sweet good morning text from you. I had just turned 22 the day before, so I was already in a beautiful spirit. You made my day a trillion and one times better though! The night before already had me feeling like a whole new person, I seemed to be a little happy. I had every reason not to be, but I wasn’t letting anything make me feel worse. I was ready to get my day started early, so I jumped in the shower and got dressed. After I got dressed I decided that I just wanted to go home and chill with my family. My night out was enough for the rest of the week. I rarely party, so I was burnt out. I headed home and by the time I got there, we had already made plans to see one another. Being that I was leaving town in a couple of weeks, this night had to go through, or I was going to be pissed!

That day became the day I get to share with you every year! I love you babe, whole heartedly!

I didn’t want to tell you how happy you made me feel because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens. That was the normal for me. I fell in love with everything you did for me that day forth. The way you treated me. The way you loved me. The way you showed affection. The tone you used when you talked to me. The way you became so open. I then fell in love with you as a whole! Its like the confused person I once knew didn’t exist anymore. I seen the growth and maturity in you, I was hoping to take a bigger part in that and I did. Seeing you change for the better made me miss you, even when I was with you. I can’t stay mad at you, no matter how hard I try. I literally can’t sleep if I’m mad at you, or if you’re mad at me. You are my luv, my bay, my entire soul! I’m grateful for the things that we share. I’m grateful for the things that we are able to do. I’m grateful for our communication and our comprehension. I’m very thankful for the privacy that we keep. I’m honestly thankful for all the time spent and the lengthy conversations we have. I’d do everything all over again, if it means that I get to do it with you.

You’re so gentle with me, even though I wish we’re more aggressive. That’s a different story, so I promised myself to give you as much time and space as needed. I’ll take every risk for you, even if it means putting things on hold just so we can reach the next level. I know you would do it for me in return. We’re getting there, we’re still getting to know each other. We have forever to go! I notice how you pay attention to me, I see how you be staring hard. You in love with me, huh? You point out my flaws and in the same sense tell me how you love them. I love everything about you, you’re really special to me in ways that I could never explain without becoming speechless. I’ll probably start stuttering trying to talk about it. I’ve helped you grow just as much as you’ve helped me.

I love to see you mature in every way that others don’t even notice.

I love you physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. The love that we’ve given one another is the reason I strive to give you something new to keep every day. The effort you put forth shows me that you’re willing to go above and beyond. We’ve helped each other get through some of the darkest moments in our lives, you’re yourself and that alone is what sets you aside from everyone else in this fake ass world. You’re genuine to me. You’re so damn sweet. You adore me to the point that people comment on it and you constantly keep a smile on my face. I get all cheesy just thinking about you. I love your smell. I love your smile. I love your touch. I love your laugh. I even love when you snore, it’s my favorite tune. I have the best times with you. I love planning dates, I love going on them even more. I love when you’re by my side. I love taking walks to the park. I love our long conversations. I love putting on your clothes and laying up in the house with you all day. I love getting caught staring at you, I just love being under you. I love the fact that you exist.

I’m convinced that you were tailor made for me.

No matter how rocky life gets, I want you forever. You’re my bestest friend and there’s no possible way that I could be happy living without you. I don’t know what life has in store for me, but you better be apart of it. As long as I got you and my family I’m straight. You remind me every day that I’m thought of and loved. When I’m sad you tell me things will be okay, when I cry you wipe my tears away. You’ve taught me so much about love and about growth, it melts my heart that we get to experience these things with each other. I hope that you stay sane and get through these days without me. You being happy and content in your life is all I want. Keep being you, keep being patient. As long as you have me, I’ll make sure you have everything in life that you need and want. You’ve really been my helping hand through everything.

I love you babe! I wish you all the peace, love, happiness, and stamina in this entire cosmo!

-Esposa 💚

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