I’m not sure how many men tune into my blog, but if you are “black” and you’re reading, this is for you. I didn’t forget about you.

State one thing that you love to do. No matter what it may be. When you do this specific thing, how does it make you feel? Does it make you happy? Does it make you feel sad? Does it make you feel comfortable? Are you alone when you do it? Are you around people? Do you play music when you do it? How often do you do it? Daily? Once a week? Twice a month? Three times a year? Annually? On holidays? Do you tell anyone about it? Who does it affect? Does it even affect anybody? How often do you think about what you love to do?

I know this may seem like an unpopular topic, but who really cares about “black” men? Does anyone ask you how your day was? Does anyone ask you if you need anything? Does anyone ever sit down with you and talk to you in a pleasant manner? Does anyone ever look at you and just smile? Does anyone ever tell you that you’re handsome? Anyone? Your mom? Your dad? Your sister? A stranger? Anyone?

I genuinely want you to feel so comfortable within yourself, so that no one is able to bother you about anything that you do. It’s only a try, but I may actually help someone with this, whether its public or private. Whether I know I helped, or not.

You’re probably wondering why I’m trying to be all up in your business, but I’m not. These questions are honestly something to ask and answer yourself. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, no matter how you feel right now. If you are reading this answer those questions, PLEASE!?

You are loved by someone, even if it’s by me. You will always be loved and someone out there cares about you! Keep making progress. Keep smiling. Keep being nice. We love you!

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  1. I love Art! & I don’t mean just like painting, I mean like putting my emotions into my crafts & painting a picture of how I feel through that craft. Does it make me sad? Only when something has already made me feel such a way, more than anything I like to bring joy to people through my crafts. I’m usually alone when I do my crafts. It’s like a zone I have to get in. Music is a must. It’s goes with the type of vibe I’m trying to create. In my music making i just make it mainly for me & those can relate. Do I care if people like or not? No. I tell my truth & put it out for me to vibe to. Now my photography, i do it for the smiles on people faces. I do it to capture the best moments people have. I try to do these both, everyday. It’s a rush of joy I get from them so for me to be happy, I do it, everyday.

    Now In my opinion, the woman a black man comes home to, cares more than anybody. I mean of course his mom but I don’t think nobody cares more than the woman who wakes up with him every morning. Sometimes as men we feel smothered by love & affection but when you really think about it, it’s just someone caring about you & your well being & I think some men are just not used to someone caring so much. We look at it like they tripping or they being extra when really they just care to see us wake up another day.

    I think your blog is good, I think you can truly help somebody & that you may lead somebody to opening up about something they’ve bottled for years. I love it. Keep writing & keep working. Ya never know who’ll respond & to ALL the people that really cares about us Black Men, we love you too, we really do. 🖤


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