To: Z

Everyone knows that I don’t have favorites when it comes to my brother’s kids, but you have the key to my heart. You give me this bubbly feeling, even when you’re mad at me. You make me smile. You do little goofy things to put a smile on my face when you can’t even see that I’m sad. I love reading to you and with you. I love putting you to sleep. I love falling asleep with you. Sometimes I try to fake sleep, so you can go to sleep, but I always end up falling asleep before you (HA! Jokes on me). I love watching movies with you. I love doing activities with you. I love teaching you new things. I love telling you my corny jokes. Just to hear you laugh and see you smile is a huge relief. I really just love having down time and spending it with you, you brother and your big sisters. You warm my heart so much Z and I couldn’t appreciate you more for it. It means this entire world to me. It’s always laughs with you, even when you’re being a cry baby. You always get over it and get back to the regular you.

You give me the most love when I’m around, it lets me know that you missed me while I was away. All the sweet kisses you finally give me after countless hours and even days of begging. All the adoring hugs we share. Even the times you bother me. Just all the time we spend together. I love you, if I haven’t told you lately. I’m hoping to see your face in a few months! I haven’t felt your touch in over a year and even though I don’t act like it bothers me, it kills me on the inside. I know you were sad that I didn’t come to see you and spend time with you this summer like I always do, but I had to finish school. Big kid things. It’s horrible, but the thought of finally finishing and coming home to see you and the rest of the kids is why I make these sacrifices. I thought of so much to write to you, but as I’m typing I’m coming up short. You leave me speechless kid. You’ve grown so much! I can’t wait to see what you’re like when you get older. I know you will be awesome, my sweet baby! I love you, always.

Your TT 💛

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